I took up cycling at the end of 2014. Before then I had spent way too much time sitting still and let the kg creep up to a very unhealthy 126kg. All so easy to do when your calorie intake exceeds the number of calories you burn per day. It was crunch time, with a choice between high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, flab wobbling all over the place, short of breath walking up stairs etc…

Two things had to happen if I was going to try and keep a reasonable distance between myself and the grim reaper. As with anything in life, no guaranties. I see it just as a matter of trying to stack the odds in my favour.

First thing was eat less as losing weight by exercise only is a fools game. I also do not like the term ‘to go on a diet’ as that only ends in tears in the long run. Like riding a roller coaster in the middle of winter, you go up and down and when you stop you are right back to where you started, with tears in your eyes. The second thing was exercise to get your body back in shape. After all, my muscles have been developing by just carrying all that fat around, with the fat slowly burning away I wanted to find a way to improve the cardiovascular system and not lose any muscle mass.

I have never been a fan of running so decided to give road cycling a go, and never looked back.


a wandering Norwegian ….┬átraded my longboat for a bicycle ….

November 2016