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Out and about

First ride today with the new Aerobars. Was a bit wobbly at first but started to get the hang of it after a while.

I had set them horizontally to start with/ After about 20km I readjusted them slightly upwards. At the end of the short ride, 30km I felt that I should probably tilt them upwards a bit more. I am also fairly sure I will swap one of the head bush spacers over and lower the handlebars 5mm to start with.

Nice bright day 🙂

Ride with C3 Aerobars

21 November …

Change the angle of the bars to +8 deg. Feel better when mounting the bike in the turbo and checking the feel. Will leave it as this for a while and see how it feel.

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  1. Johan 6th December 2016

    Looks like a very smooth and clean bike.
    Great work Jan.

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