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Fitting Aerobars

Fitting my C3 Syntace bars I realized that I am not able to get my hands on the top of the handlebar. Syntace sell a riser which is 12mm that is horribly expensive. You can stack two and get 24mm but the cost is just silly.

Profile have a very good range of risers – question is if the hole spacing matches the C3  I was first told by Rose Bike that the hole centres would match, so I ordered a set. Then I was told it would not. Well .. we just have to see …

True … they did not fit 🙁 … ?But I think I can make it work ..


42mm c/c compared to 38mm c/c – Well you can always make something smaller if you have metal to remove. So with about 2mm to remove at each side this can be made to work.


Now the hole spacing matches. The arch is different so we have to do a bit more hacking here.


So easy to work with aluminium !

Perfect fit

Perfect fit. Polish up the cut surfaces and adding black insulation tape to stop marring the surface.

Now I have 30mm gap. Works well with my hands on the bar. I can always get a more aggressive ride position by removing one or more of the 3 x 10mm spacer.

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